Heaps of Cheer for the New Year

121 of the Donuts Domains will be sold at a significantly discounted rate. This promotion is a discounted price for the first year of registration only and is valid until 28 March 18:00 UTC

23rd Jan 2018
HostMyWeb Internet Solutions is now an accredited ZACR domain registrar

HostMyWeb Internet Solutions is now an accredited ZACR domain registrar.

Please check our accreditation details:

Go to : https://registry.net.za/accredited/

Registration Number: 396

Contact Information: +27.15 851 6001

2nd Dec 2017
HostMyWeb Internet Solutions is now a certified Google Adword specialist

HostMyWeb Internet Solutions is now a certified Google Adword specialist

Check our accreditation details below:



HostMyWeb Internet Solutions

1st Dec 2017
Black Friday Sale

Incredible Deals Await You Yes, we go all out for Black Friday, with mind-blowing offers across HostMyWeb's web hosting product range, giving 30% off the usual price—and there's something for everyone! Sale Begins at 12:00 AM GMT+2 on Friday November 24-26. Use the coupon code to claim your offer : BLACKFRIDAY , when you checkout at ... Read More »

21st Nov 2017
File Restoration feature enabled for cpanel users

Restore a file To restore a file, perform the following steps: To view a directory's contents, click the desired directory's name. Click the file that you wish to restore. The interface will display all locally-available backups of this file. Click Restore This Version for the desired backup of the file that you wish to restore. A ... Read More »

8th Nov 2017
Introducing Social Media Sign-In / Sign Up

HostMyWeb is pleased to announce the Sign Up/Sign-In Integrations  feature that allows customers to order our services and products and for faster registration and sign-in.

We have currently enabled Facebook and Google, Twitter will also be activated for all new and old HostMyWeb clients.

28th Oct 2017
We now accept PayPal

We now accept PayPal We now accept PayPal payment method HostMyWeb Team do listen, as this was one of you (the customer) most popular requests that we accept PayPal as a payment method option. It’s amazing to look at the PayPal facts that a staggering 26 million online shoppers use PayPal in the world! And with an estimated world population ... Read More »

12th Oct 2017
Domain Name Registration Myths

Domain name registration myths Domain name registration myths debunked The internet is generally the first place people look for information on just about everything. That’s why when you register a domain name, or several, it’s an important step for making sure businesses can be found — even without a website. To help eliminate some of ... Read More »

10th Oct 2017
Scrapper site

A scraper site is a website that copies content from another website. Scraper sites may simply pick and choose content found on your website and pass it off as their own or they may duplicate the entire look and feel of your website. The purpose of a scraper site is usually to make money through selling ads and the scraped (copied) content is ... Read More »

23rd Sep 2017
Launching our new phone numbers 015 851 6001

Dear Valued client,Please note that from tomorrow, 4th August we will be launching our new phone numbers 015 004 0702.We will be implementing English as the main language on our call centre but we will add new languagesas time goes. Thank you for the constant support and co-operation.RegardsHostMyWeb Sales Team - 015 851 6001 - ... Read More »

3rd Aug 2017